A Gift with Eternal Rewards

Credit cards may offer you cash back or reward points on all your purchases, but God has an even better offer – fruit that abounds to your heavenly account (Phil. 4:17)!


Thank you for the generous gifts toward the building fund many of you have already given this year! 100% of those funds have been spent on building supplies. By God’s grace, all the labor has been given voluntarily either from work teams from supporting churches or from our church people themselves.


Typical Saturday lunchtime with volunteer work force


As of today, we are almost ready to pour the floor for the second floor and then it will be ready for the metal roof. We need to go ahead and purchase all the materials for the roof this month so that it will be ready to install in January. That will cost about $10,000 to complete.  Would you pray about giving toward this need this Christmas, whether as an individual, family, Sunday School class or church?

Gifts can be sent to our mission board at:

Baptist World Mission

PO Box 2149

Decatur, Alabama  35602

Paypal-logo-20141 Or you can send your gift directly to our PayPal account here: paypal.me/GreenwoodFamily.


Thank you for prayerfully considering giving toward this need to help the project move forward!


Project: Building Together – November update

The men of the church met last week to discuss the feasibility of finishing the building by our April inauguration date. We believe it is possible, but we need your prayers for God’s provision of labor and funds. We need block masons to help raise the walls on the second floor and those who have experience with drywall to install the partitions for the classrooms. Would you pray about these needs?

We have the windows, doors, stairs and the sub-floor already paid for! Praise God! By mid-December, we need to purchase all the materials for the metal roof on the second floor. That will cost about $10,000 to complete.

Looking Ahead

  • November – 2nd floor block walls & columns
  • December – pour slabs on 1st & 2nd floors
  • January – install metal roof
  • February – drywall installation
  • March – tile & paint
  • April 2016 – inaugurate new building!

First Missionaries

Our church had the privilege of holding its third missions conference this past weekend. Of course, it was a special time for us personally as missions is obviously near and dear to our hearts! Even more special, our speaker was Adriano Silva, Brazilian missionary on deputation to Argentina. At the end of the conference, the church voted to take on 5% of their support. How exciting to think that this young church plant, even in the middle of a building project, is taking on their first missionary!

Conferencia Misionera 2015 @ibi_pilar

Conferencia Misionera 2015 @ibi_pilar

The Lord has blessed Adriano and his wife Josi with 64% of their support in the past nine months. Lord willing, this sweet couple will come and work with us their first term. We are all praying they would have 100% of their support in order to arrive next March.

10 Years on the Field!

September 11, 2005 – We said “see you later” to our precious friends and family in the States! Two days later we began a beautiful new chapter in our lives labeled, “Argentina”!

airport 2015airport usa

On September 13, 2005 we arrived in our new home, Buenos Aires, Argentina! There have been many ups and downs during the past 10 years, but I would not trade them for any other life! God is so good to us, more than we deserve. God is faithful to stretch us and give us His grace in the trials. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!

September 2005

September 2005

As we have gone through trials, moments of uncertainty and seen many other missionaries come and go, only by God’s grace are we still here! This is not just a story of God’s faithfulness in our lives; it is the story of God’s hand at work in many lives, during many years prior to arriving on the field – our sending pastor, Travis Smith, who was (and still is) our #1 cheerleader, our supporting churches who help us financially and in prayer, as well as our family and friends who respect and even admire God’s calling on our lives to serve Him in a far-away place. Thank you to each one who has had a a part in not just our getting to the field, but also to remain faithful to our calling.



Project: Building Together update

Praise the Lord the roof is installed!

We thank the Lord for how He continues to provide for the building project so we can move forward. Below are the next projects we hope to complete as God provides:

Exterior Sign  $ 500
Stairs to second floor  $2000
First floor subfloor  $2500
Ceiling Materials for 1st Floor  $1750
Bathroom Tile  $1800
1st Floor Lighting  $3000
Bathroom Partitions $ 900
Stairs to second floor  $2000
Exterior front doors  $2500

What time is it?

“It’s Bible Time!” shouted all the kids in response to the Neighborhood Bible Time evangelist’s question.

For five days, between 33 and 46 children, along with many of their parents, heard a clear presentation of the Gospel at our Bible Time rallies. Seven of those children responded by making a salvation decision. While in the evening, between 15 and 25 teens heard solid preaching, and four of them trusted Christ as Savior.

Since the church is under construction, we held the rallies at an events center in a shopping complex nearby and saw many visitors.   Please pray as we follow-up with these new contacts.

Building Progress

2015-05-20 Wed 011Who would have ever thought that in only one week a work team composed of four men and six ladies would be able to:

  • fill four 15″ x 15″ columns in only three hours?
  • raise one-and-a-half exterior block walls?
  • demolish 15″ thick brick walls?
  • eat 100 pounds of steak?

This wonderful group of folks that God obviously brought together from Faith Baptist Church did all that and more! They made a positive impact on our church people as they interacted throughout the week on the job site, at church and in their homes. We are very thankful for their hard work and sweet spirits.

2015-05-23 Sat 023

Faith Baptist Church Building Together team

Now that three exterior walls are raised, the next step is to pour the five remaining columns, and then begin the huge task of pouring 23 cubic yards of concrete for the support beam on top of the three walls. Lord willing, all that will be done by the first of August so we’ll be ready to raise the roof! The quote for the roof is $31,000. Pray we could get a tax exemption to reduce the total by $6,000. (Yes, sales tax is 21% here!)

Beyond that, we will need $3,500 for the windows. Pray God will continue to supply the funds and labor necessary to complete these tasks. Also, pray for wisdom in balancing pastoral ministry and construction.